Friday, February 20, 2015


The preview section is still incomplete but ready. It gives you an overview of the first 26 adventures that will be coming in different versions:

  • Visual  (just looking at images and reading text)
  • AudioVisual  (looking at images and hearing BooBoo speak)
  • Interactive  (easy games for children based on images and texts)

The plan is to make the adventures available in the coming months for all devices best in landscape mode. Also a print edition is planned.

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Monday, February 2, 2015

eBay and the Bulgarian Print Mafia

Thanks to my image search tool Plaghunter I found an image of mine being sold on eBay by a person named Steve Ramsbottom (51 Timber Court, Grays, Essex, RM17 6PW, United Kingdom) - don't know if this address is correct.

I contacted Mr. Ramsbottom and several emails were exchanged. He does not want to give me clear information where he has these prints from.

Fact is that photos of the following photographers are also being sold:
  • Dahmane
  • Christophe Mourthé
  • Simon Hind
  • Trevor Watson
  • Giorgio Balmelli
  • Dirk Krauzig
  • Jim Weathers
  • Pierre Gouzou
  • Ed Fox
  • Erik Hansen
  • Aaron Hawks
  • Stockhardt
  • Bob Carlos Clarke
  • Rod Ashford
  • Harald Jahn
  • Gilles Berquet
  • and many more
Since I'm pretty sure none of these photographers gave permission to sell these prints it is necessary that eBay removes Mr. Ramsbottom's account and asks for all the money back. I have filed a DMCA report through eBay's Vero system and informed them by email.

eBay has removed the reported item but nothing else has been done yet. I informed some more photographers and we will see how they'll react.

This is a criminal case which must forwarded to the UK authorities.